Reading books is pretty much a requirement for the long-term growth of your online business.

If you listen to Pat Flynn, then you already have an understanding of the importance of reading books as an entrepreneur.

Pat Flynn, who runs the Smart Passive Income blog and podcast, has built one of the most successful online businesses on the planet. His podcast gets thousands of downloads every day from people all over the world and I give credit it for motivating me to start my online business a few years back.

During many episodes of his podcast, you will hear Pat Flynn drop the name of a book as a recommendation. Over time, I picked out a few of those books that I like and have compiled them in the list below. Each of these books that were recommended by Pat, I feel, are absolute must-reads for anyone looking to start or grow their online business.

Believe it or not, I am not Pat Flynn. Nor do I work for Pat or know him personally. I’m just a fan of his website and podcast. Below, I’ve listed out some of the best books that he recommends for aspiring entrepreneurs. Some of the links are affiliate links, so if you click and make a purchase I will earn a small commission, but there’s no extra cost for you.
So fire up your Kindles, people. Let’s dive into this list some of the best books recommeded by Pat Flynn:
Of course Pat recommends his own book, why wouldn’t he? It’s a helpful book for anyone looking to develop their next business idea.

Fueled by the thrill of potential and thoughts of success, enthusiastic entrepreneurs sometimes devote long hours and large amounts of money to impossible ambitions. Will It Fly? teaches entrepreneurs how to critically evaluate ideas to determine their feasibility before failure is realized. It teaches how to visualize the concept’s journey from birth to fruition, helping entrepreneurs identify and overcome obstacles before they even present themselves.

By teaching highly motivated people how to eliminate life’s distractions and utilize full cognitive function during projects, Deep Work helps workers develop expertise in their fields and further their professional interests.

Newport offers useful tips and defined steps to removing superficial tasks from your To-Do list, allowing you to put success to the forefront of your schedule. Building a successful online business is definitely going to require some deep work, don’t you think?

Human psychology contributes to which platforms and products find the most success. This book teaches business owners how to make consumers fall in love with their products and continue engaging with them, without spending hefty sums on recurring advertisement campaigns. Nir Eyal provides scientific evidence for his methods and molds them into clear steps for achieving consumer product dependency.

Can’t you already begin to see why Hooked is a must-read?

Focus your time and energy on a single activity at a time, so teaches real estate salesman Gary Keller. The One Thing teaches people how to increase their productivity by focusing on their main goals and letting success rise from the efforts of many small triumphs central to primary goals rather than large secondary victories unrelated to one’s true ambitions.

The subtitle of the book says it all because it provides the surprisingly simple truth behind getting extraordinary results in your online business.

While we spend our time wary of weapons that the world may brandish to stifle our success, the main obstacle to victory is man’s need for recognition.

In Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday teaches that humility, accountability, and self-awareness are powerful tools to further goals while checking our human need for greatness, which often impedes our journeys to success.

What are your waking hours like? Does sluggishly moving through your home after warring with the snooze button sound familiar?

The Miracle Morning is a great book that teaches how to transform your mornings into blocks of productivity, setting a positive trajectory for the course of each day. Anyone looking to grow and develop their life and business should first start out by optimizing their individual morning routine.

We’ve all heard the popular adage: The only constant is change. In Pivot, Jenny Blake advocates for reconsidering the way we view change and dictating its direction to best serve our goals.

Pivot teaches ambitious minds how to seek out and evaluate opportunities around them, helping people retain power over change instead of being disappointed or surprised by it. Sooner or later, you will be required to pivot or make a major change in your online business, and this book will help you embrace that moment.

Entrepreneurs are typically characterized as having minimal time, continuously scrambling to complete the day’s tasks before their heads find their pillows. They’re sales experts. They’re creative designers. They’re receptionists. They’re struggling web developers and advertising professionals and managers. But is this necessary? Is being a jack-of-all trades but master of none conducive to developing a successful business without losing one’s sanity? Chris Ducker teaches business owners how to strategically outsource work to skilled employees, allowing them time to devote their energy to ingenuity and moving their businesses forward.
According to a recent survey, 40% of Americans don’t receive the clinically recommended amount of sleep. Sleep Smarter teaches people how to redefine their view on sleep and its importance to achieving health and personal goals.

It’s been proven time and time again that the quality of success stems from the quality of our sleep. After reading this book, readers will understand how to use sleep to improve nutrition and maintain their mental stamina.

The science of how we learn, of how our brains absorb and store information for later recall is a tricky subject that we surprisingly have yet to wholly comprehend. How We Learn breaks down what we have uncovered about the art of learning and gives practical guidance on how to approach learning to best remember and understand information for later application.

Continuous learning is key in every online business. That’s the whole point of this article, really. You read books to learn, and growth stems from the new knowledge that you gain.

Don’t let your dreams sit dormant until they become meaningless thoughts. Steve Kamb helps people step back from boredom and turn their fantasy in reality while maintaining a productive lifestyle.

Part of his technique involves treating the world like a video game, where you play the central hero who earns rewards and unlocks greater levels of greatness along the way. Level Up Your Life will definitely provide a new and improved outlook on your life.

We’re taught to do more with less. The pinnacle of productivity has always revolved around how many tasks can be satisfactorily completed in the least amount of time.

Greg McKeown forces readers to rethink this popular manner of thinking, suggesting that much of the work we view as necessary is anything but. McKeown teaches people how to increase their productivity by stripping away the optional and optimizing the essential.

After an unfortunate injury brought Lewis Howes’ professional football career to a screeching halt, Howes spent the next period of his life living on his sister’s couch feeling defeated. Today, he’s a New York Times Bestselling author eager to share with others how he went from helplessness to running one of the world’s most engaging podcasts.

In The School of Greatness, readers learn how they too can rise above life’s valleys to develop grit and dedication.

If we all adhered to the same methods of thinking, if none of us ever dared to consider the world in ways thought strange and suspicious, mankind would have never achieved all that it has.

Smartcuts teaches innovators in all industries how to think outside the box and maximize their brain’s creative thinking to achieve unlikely accomplishments. That’s what it’s all about in the online business world. We have to come up with our own creative ideas in order to build something truly great.

We think of businesses as abstract entities, but businesses are made out of people. All that an entrepreneur can accomplish depends on engagement with and acceptance from other humans.

The book Never Eat Alone impresses upon readers the importance of social building and teaches them to increase their social capital by foraging valuable relationships. If you can build meaningful relationships, you can build a meaningful business.

What are your greatest strengths? According to Tom Rath, there’s a solid chance you haven’t even considered them.

We spend most of our lives compensating for our weaknesses as we try to advance our hectic careers rather than building upon and utilizing our inherent talents. We must learn how to identify our natural gifts and apply them in our everyday lives. That’s what StrengthFinder 2.0 aims to teach you how to do.

From the mind of Ed Catmull, co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, Creativity Inc. narrates the journey of Pixar’s trek to the top of its industry. Readers will reconsider their ideas on creativity and passion while learning powerful lessons on perseverance in the face of entrepreneurial obstacles.

Through personal anecdotes and struggles specific to Pixar and Disney Animations, Ed teaches the art of creativity in business with comedic zest.

People are visually stimulated creatures. It’s a scientifically-verified fact. So why is it then, that the majority of self-help and instructional guides are chock full of blocky text and uninspiring commands?

Through imagery and drawing, this book will revitalize your approach to daily life and help you find purpose with daily, simply activities and a pinch of art.

Between familial, financial, and professional obligations, we, as people of developed nations, are overwhelmed by constant stimulus and responsibilities. Being overwhelmed is more than an anxious feeling that occasionally bites the mind throughout the day. There are physical consequences to the bustling western lifestyle that wreak havoc on our health and healthcare system, consequences that can be reversed if we could only learn how to relax.

Pedram Shojai teaches how to combine traditional eastern philosophies and western tradition to breathe slower and smile in a hectic world.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of books recommended by Pat Flynn can help you not only improve your business but your life as well. If you didn’t already know, Pat Flynn is a very smart dude and he thinks highly of the books listed here. I don’t know about you, but that alone was enough to convince me to add them to my reading list.

Get started reading today and reap the benefits for years to come. If you want more helpful books for entrepreneurs, you can check out my very own reading list by clicking here.

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